A downloadable game for Windows

This roguelite-lite tower defense pits you against an endless onslaught of chitinous beasts.

Because I forgot to upload the readme:


Z: build a wall - 15 coins
x: delete a tower or manmade wall - free (natural walls cost 15)
c: build a tower on a wall - 5 coins

Towers can only be built on walls, and you can have a maximum of 8

backspace: add a gem to the inventory - 20 coins

You candelete a tower with a gem on it to remove the gem and add it to your inventory, to resocket elsewhere.

space: fast forward

1 - 9: select a gem in inventory, click on a tower to socket it

Gems level up from kills, getting stronger.

r: randomise map (resets and reseeds) everything

enter: begin first wave (only press this once)

Towers can also be upgraded up to 3 times each, each upgrade level gets a 10% boost

Get to wave 20 to win

Install instructions

I once met a guy who actually paid for winrar, can you believe that?


Crab_island Demo.zip 1 MB

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